Symbology: As the stars rearrange themselves in the heavens, they create different configurations of cosmic energy. If we are to be fully awake and fully aware of our potential, we must also factor in the cosmic forces and their influence on our daily lives. Each month, the stars appear in slightly different form. The zodiac belt appears to have shifted, and the planets of our solar system have shifted. Because all of perceptual reality is interconnected and interdependent, we know for example that when we have our morning coffee, some balancing act is occurring on Betelgeuse! That's the kind of consciousness a dreamer holds.

Work With Connie

Work With Connie

Our essential self – our personal "invisible garment" – remains the same throughout our lifetimes, but sometimes our circumstances change. Hopefully, our perspective changes, too. Like the stars in the sky, we constantly rearrange our way of being in the world.

Over the years, as Connie has worked with dreamers, she’s found some very useful and effective ways to work privately with people. Now, she offers those possibilities to the international community.


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Color Reading

Private Dream Consultation

Private Spiritual Counsel

Tarot Readings

Over-viewing your Garment

Searching for the Flaws in your Garment