Symbology:  The Knot of Eternity is another way of symbolizing the Dream Weave. It was originally a Chinese design, but similar ones were also found in Celtic and Nordic traditions. Like the spider web, it lures you into it! It asks you to contemplate whether there is beginning and ending. It creates negative space within it, which draws your attention to the infinity behind form.



Behind this doorway lies one of the most exciting aspects of our work.  Dreamers from around the globe share dream experiences, weaving their meanings together in a way that enlightens all who enter.


Hopefully we’ll discover unity consciousness in the dreamspace. As we communicate with each other around the world, we’ll explore the possibility that there is no beginning and end ― no me and you ― no separation at all.

In fact, everything we experience is interconnected with and interfacing with everything else simultaneously all across the cosmos.  Our unique individuations are valuable and important, but when we learn of our interconnectedness, we understand separation is an appearance, unity is truth.

This on-line international dream sharing has been going on for years.  Jump in and join us.  First you must register, and we request that you read the guidelines, but then you can read and respond to the dreams already posted, you can use the search engine to find dreams with similar images.  You’ll learn a lot and you’ll love your new global dream-village!

To Enter the Dreamspace, Click Here

To Enter the Dreamspace,

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