Symbology: The feather symbolizes our ability to fly ― and the quill our writing tool through which we communicate our experiences. Dream School will hopefully take you on many flights and inspire many levels of communication.



The feather brings you to a classroom.  Connie often offers intensive courses to help you deepen your spiritual practice.

Potential Classes

Connie has organized and taught workbook classes, advanced workbook classes, color classes, and dream circle groups over the years.  She is now doing these kinds of classes upon request.  If you have a group of people who would like to study for a short time (week-end or week-long seminar) with Connie, or for a longer time (6-12 month Skype or other internet-type intensive work), please contact her.  She’s happy to travel anywhere, or work from her comfy chair and computer!

A Twelve Week Course in Leadership

for Dream Circle Leaders

$370 -

This twelve week course gives you all the basics you need for leading a dream circle. However, it's also much more than that. It asks some very deep questions and demands some authentic self-investigation as to your leadership qualities and gifts. It asks you to change your way of thinking so that you always lead with the heart mind. It challenges you to become a leader of integrity, balance, and compassion. It also asks that you lead more by example than by lecturing.

This class will give you twelve weeks of "private" classes with Connie Kaplan. The two of you will designate a beginning time, based on your schedules, and each week she'll send a new lesson for you to contemplate.You'll be in e-mail and/or phone if you prefer contact with her each week. You may also have one or two other dreamers taking the course at the same time, which will give you a group of peers with whom to discuss the work.

You'll need to own copies of "The Woman's Book of Dreams," "Dreams are Letters from the Soul," and "The Invisible Garment," as you will refer to all of them from time to time during the course..


Reading List

Here is link to a list of materials I recommend because I believe you can extract truth from them.